Take Away Menu

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KHAJA (Entree)

1. Momo (5 pieces) (LF,V,NF,V’n) $8.50

Chicken or vegetable dumplings with ginger, garlic, spring onion & coriander. Steamed & served with tomato achar.

2. Tareko Machha (5 pieces) (GF,LF,NF) $9.50

Fish marinated in Nepalese herbs & lightly battered in corn flour & mustard oil, deep fried & served with mint & yoghurt sauce. Lactose Free option with tomato achar (sauce)

3. Samosa (2 pieces) (LF,V,V’n,NF) $7.00

Seasonal vegetables including potatoes, fresh spring onion, peas, coriander etc. wrapped in homemade pastry triangle & served with a mint & yoghurt sauce. Vegan & Lactose Free option with tomato achar (sauce)

4. Sekewa (5 pieces) (GF,NF) $8.50

Tender pieces of chicken fillet marinated in roasted cumin & coriander seeds enriched with yoghurt, lemon juice & hint of Szechwan & chilli powder & served with a mint & yoghurt sauce.

5. Phulaura (5 pieces) (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $7.50

Traditional crispy patties prepared from black lentils, potato, cauliflower, chickpea flour, spring onion, spinach, coriander blended in Nepalese herbs & served with a mint & yoghurt sauce. Vegan & Lactose Free option with tomato achar (sauce)

6. Mismaas (Mixed Entree)(NF) $11.50

One of each of above numbers 1,2,3,4 & 5


7. Dhaal Bhaat Masu (GF) $20.50

Traditional platter served with your choice of meat (Goat/Lamb/Chicken) together with stir fried spinach, dahima, achar (pickle) & dhaal (lentils). Lactose Free option with tomato achar (sauce)

8. Khasiko Masu (Lamb or Goat) (GF,LF,NF) $17.50

Traditionally spiced Nepali style curry of tender boneless Lamb or Goat, enriched with the flavours of fenugreek, cinnamon, tomatoes, coriander & bay leaves.

9. Sekewa Ko Leddoor (Nepalese Butter Chicken) (GF) $16.50

Juicy sekewa (boneless chicken pieces), cooked firstly in the charcoal fired clay oven, then transferred to a pan & simmered in a creamy sauce of garlic, ginger, tomato & onion, enriched with almond powder butter & cream.

10. Kukhura ko Masu (GF,LF) $16.00

Traditional Nepalese country cuisine (boneless chicken) prepared in aromatic Nepalese spices with ground almonds.

11. Bhuteko Masu (GF,LF,NF) $16.50

Dry roasted marinated lamb, flavoured with Szechwan pepper, fenugreek, dried chilli, spring onion, fresh coriander, mustard oil & diced roasted tomato

12. Piro Kukhura (Chilli Chicken) (NF,LF) $16.00

Lightly battered chicken fillet cubes pan-fried with onion, seasonal vegetables, chilli & capsicum, flavoured with soy sauce & vinegar. Gluten Free soy sauce available on request

13. Piro Dherai Tarkari (Hot Nepalese Curry) (GL,LF) $18.00

Your choice of Lamb, Chicken or Goat cooked with Nepalese style spicy onion & tomato paste, enhanced with fresh coriander.


14. Machha Tarkari (Barramundi) (GF,NF) $17.50

Aromatic fish curry cooked with onion & tomatoes, infused with green chilli, ginger, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, yoghurt, vinegar & coconut milk.

15. Piro Jhingey (Chilli Prawn) (LF,NF) $18.00

Fresh blue prawns, pan fried with seasonal vegetables, flavoured with soy sauce, lemon juice & a hint of chilli. Gluten Free soy sauce available on request

16. Jhingey ko Tarkari (GF,NF) $18.00

Rich prawn curry cooked with onion & tomatoes infused with the flavours of green chilli, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, capsicum, garam masala, yoghurt, vinegar & coconut milk.

SAKAHARI (Vegetarian)

17. Chaw ko Tarkari (GF,LF,V’n,V,NF) $15.50

Diced button mushrooms cooked with capsicum, tomatoes, onions sauteed with fresh ginger, garlic, crushed coriander & traditional Nepalese herbs.

18. Dhaal Bhaat Tarkari (GF,V,NF) $18.50

Traditional Nepali dishes comprising of seasonal vegetable curry, stir-fried spinach, lentils, tomato pickle & dahima.
Vegan & Lactose Free option available

19. Paneer ko Tarkari (GF,V,NF) $15.50

A rich dish of cottage style cheese cooked with diced capsicum in a tomato based sauce of garlic, ginger, dried chilli, turmeric & coriander seeds & finished off with a dash of cream.

20. Misayako Tarkari (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $14.50

Mixed vegetable curry of cauliflower, green beans, potatoes & green chilli, flavoured with spring onion & fresh coriander.

21. Kwati (GL,LF,V, V’n,NF) $14.50

A curry of nine different beans cooked with ginger, garlic, cumin, chilli, fenugreek seeds, diced fresh tomatoes, onions & mustard oil.

CHULOBATA (Charcoal clay oven specials)

22. Badami Sekewa (Almond Chicken) (8 pieces) (GF) $17.50

Tender juicy pieces of chicken fillet lightly marinated in a creamy yoghurt sauce with ginger, garlic & lemon juice, enriched with almond paste and served with mint & yoghurt sauce

23. Poleko Khashi (3 pieces) (GF,NF) $19.00

Juicy lamb ribs marinated in yoghurt sauce flavoured with Szechwan pepper, black pepper, lemon juice & other Nepalese spices, cooked in charcoal clay oven (chulo) served with dhaal (lentils)

24. Sekewa (Main Course) (GF,NF) $18.00

Six tender pieces of chicken fillet, marinated in roasted cumin & coriander seeds with yoghurt, lemon juice & a hint of Szechwan pepper & chilli, served with dhaal (lentils)


25. Buteko Vunta (Stir Fried Eggplant) (GF,V,NF) $8.00/15.50

Sweet, ripe eggplant, stir fried with onion, potato & capsicum, complimented with the flavours of garlic, ginger, fenugreek, cumin, ground mustard seeds & a hint of lemon juice & chilli.

26. Pharsi ko Tarkari (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $7.50

Pumpkin curry, flavoured with mustard seeds, fenugreek, ginger, salt and pepper

27. Rayoko Saag (GF,V,NF) $7.50

A Nepal speciality. Stir-fried mustard leaves (spinach) with chilli, cumin seed and a dash of mustard oil & butter
Vegan & Lactose Free option available

28. Jhaneko Dhaal (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $7.00/13.50

Lentils cooked in traditional style with Nepalese herbs

29. Buteko Arloo (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $7.00

Cubed potato, boiled then stir fried in vegetable oil with lemon juice & panch porah

30. Hariyo Salad (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $6.50

Salad prepared from onion, tomatoes, cucumber, & lettuce with Nepalese style dressing

31. Sweet Mango Chutney (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $2.50

Sweet & tangy mango pickle

32. Dahima (Nepalese Raita) (GF,V,NF) $4.50

Yoghurt flavoured with roasted cumin & coriander

33. Bhuteko Bhatt (GF,V) $6.00

Fried rice with carrot, green beans, cashew nuts, peas, raisins & chopped red onions. Vegan & Lactose Free option available

34. Bhaat (GF,LF,V,V’n,NF) $2.50

Steamed rice (Additional Serve)

35. Pappadams (GF,V,NF) $3.00

6 per serve with mint sauce. Vegan & Lactose Free option available


36. Roti (V,NF) $3.00

Bread (naan style) cooked in charcoal clay oven.

37. Roti Lasun (V,NF) $3.50

Leavened garlic bread (naan style) cooked in charcoal clay oven.

38. Roti Cheese (V,NF) $4.50

Bread (naan style) stuffed with premium cheese, cooked in charcoal dry oven

39. Roti Keema (NF) $5.00

Bread (naan style) stuffed with lean lamb mince, cooked in charcoal oven

GULIYO (Deserts)

40. Namaste Chiso (GF, V) $7.50

Chefs special ice-cream made from pistachio nuts and flavoured with mango & green cardamom, blended with full cream milk.

41. Laal Mohaan (V,NF) $7.00

Traditional sweet prepared from milk powder flavoured with cardamom and rose water.

42. Kheer (GF, V) $7.00

Homemade rice pudding prepared in Nepalese style.


43 Mahee (Mango/Plain) $4.00

44. Soft Drinks (Cans) $3.50