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*Dear customers, we are aware some of you are unable to contact us on our restaurant number, we are currently looking into this issue. If you are unable to contact us on 8272 2288, you may call our mobile on 0470 667 347*

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Established in 2003, Namasté Nepalese Restaurant is one of the first Nepalese restaurants in South Australia. Nestled inside a quaint old cottage which is over a 100 years old with an open fireplace in winter, Namasté provides a unique intimate experience to its customers.

Namaste offers a fusion of the best of North Indian, Chinese and Tibetan flavours. A cuisine full of fresh wonderful flavours, which allows you to indulge in a feast of aromatic dishes.

The restaurant is well known for serving delicious meals which compliment most dietary requirements such as being Gluten free, Lactose free and Vegan friendly, so everyone can enjoy the beautiful dishes without any worry.

Namasté is a family owned and operated restaurant with both owners, Somnath, having over 30 years of experience; and his wife Shashi serving fresh local produce from the kitchen, fulfilling their dream of owning a successful restaurant.

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